DYPDC Advantage

DYPDC is one of the few institutions in the country focusing on innovation and design thinking and leading the convergence of design, business and technology.

Dilip Chhabria, your Chief Mentor, inspires you to bring distinctness to your art. He will guide you to open your mind, help you find your voice as a designer and an innovator.

State of the art facilities that inspire ideas and breed creativity, a place where you are always welcome to try new things and shape new ideas and concepts.

Full-time faculty that open a world of possibilities for you by making you question, discover, explore and express yourself, pushing you to new limits you never thought possible.

Strong visiting faculty program to ensure that you learn from the best professionals and academics from around the world. Not only do you get access to the latest knowledge and practices, you also gain a fresh perspective on which to build your own sensibility.

Flexible curriculum that stimulates interest and develops knowledge, skills and deep understanding.

Flexible teaching and learning methods that augment your understanding. Learn and discover through studio and workshop practice, critical reflection and experimentation with ideas, processes and materials.

Engaging learning environments to ensure your success through pedagogical models that foster innovative mindset, encourage creativity, and enable inspired teaching.

Commitment to personal attention distinguishes DYPDC from other institutions. A student faculty ratio of 8 to 1 reflects our supportive campus community where everyone has one single aim, your development and success.

International linkages allow you to continue your education with leading universities, be a part of joint projects and learn from international faculty.

Real-life projects in industry like situations enable you to be job ready when you complete your course.

Our deep-rooted partnership with the industry will help us source projects, internships and placements for you.

Placement of successful, worthy students is a natural outcome of DYPDC's rigorous academics, hands-on experiential learning and real-world experiences.

Specially designed programs based on the real needs and challenges faced by the industry and society prepare you for a successful, rewarding career.

DYPDC is one place where you are empowered to make a difference and inspired to create something of enduring value – an advantage that is exceptional and quite rare.

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