B.Des. Automobile Design


Duration: 4 years, Full-time
Eligibility: XII'th in any discipline - Science / Arts / Commerce or
3 years full-time Diploma

We offer a comprehensive, future-oriented curriculum that continually develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes that allows success in the practice of AutomobileDesign, while incorporating the most current developments in the field.

Our curriculum aims to provide students with as many tools as possible to empower them as they go out into the world to develop their careers. Our curriculum prepares aspiring professionals to learn the theory and the practice that will enable them to go out into the working world with competence, maturity and the ability to operate independently.

The first half of the program is dedicated to learning the fundamentals: concept sketching, rendering, three-dimensional model making, presentation techniques, computer-aided design tools, emerging technologies and energy sources, and the principles of ergonomics, automobile engineering, and materials technology.

The final half is focused on putting the skills learned in the early terms into practice, refining skills, and finding appropriate specialties. Greater emphasis is placed on digital design techniques and presentation during the second half of the curriculum. The overall curriculum is divided into following parts:

The main automobile design subjects consist of design studios, which run throughout the program duration in each trimester. The final trimester studios are reserved for industry projects.

Beginning with the third trimester, one automobile design studio per term forms the core of the concentration. The design studios focus on both interior and exterior of an automobile. There is a digital core, which run along the program and includes Digital Visual Communication and 3D Modeling using Autodesk Alias.

During the course, students create clay models of their designs. DYPDC is committed to traditional model building and the lessons of craft, volume, and form that it teaches. While digital models are frequently translated into physical models, a few exercises will take a clay model and import it into the digital realm by taking points right from the clay.

Allied subjects include areas, which are integral to the design process. The subjects are Basic Automobile Engineering, Vehicle Architecture, Vehicle Packaging and Materials Processes, Human Factors, User Research, Trends Analysis and Forecasting, Design Management, Marketing and Design, Branding, and Ergonomics.

Students engage with a number of projects during the course of the program. They work on individual design projects as well as on group design projects. This acts as a training ground and prepares them for future employment.

But there is a mega project for students, which is unsurpassable. DYPDC's program in automobile design is the only such program where design students build an actual car as part of their final year project. The final project is the most satisfying and rewarding aspect of the program for our students. It provides them a platform to demonstrate all the skills and knowledge learnt throughout the program.

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