B.Des. Automobile Design


“Designers are made, not born”Dilip Chhabria

Do you want to do something different? Do you want to be a creator and not a follower? Are you looking for a lucrative career?

The answers to all these 3 questions lies in one answer – a career in Automobile Design. It is one career where you get paid to play. You get to become a trendsetter and not a trend follower. Decide new styles, new patterns, make lifestyle statements, all in one job.

Today, every tenth job is dependent on the car. The automobile industry has grown immensely over the past years and in India it is exploding. Being an automobile designer will put you at the centre stage of this exciting industry.

The field of automobile design currently enjoys unprecedented influence within the industry. Design is what sets products apart – technology, performance, function differ little in competing products. No longer can manufacturers count on a few models being sold by the hundreds of thousands. The market is now subdivided into dozens of niches and manufacturers seek to become dominant within these niches.

Competing in numerous niche markets requires a greater number of vehicle models, each tailored for a specific market and each having its own design. As competitive economic forces require companies to run leaner even in the face of the proliferation of models, the training and hiring of the best young designers becomes increasingly critical to the industry as a whole and to individual manufacturers.

Automobile design is the perfect career for center-brained people--people who are creative and analytically inclined. As an automobile designer you would not only define the aesthetics of an automobile, but also the functional aspects and the accessories.

Automobile Designers are responsible for the visual appearance or aesthetic appeal of vehicles. Primarily, Automobile Designers take care of everything that gives us pleasure when we look at an automobile: style, function, quality, safety etc. They are a part of multi-disciplinary teams that define the interior and exterior forms, materials, textures and colors applied in the shaping of an automobile.

Your professional profile will be complex as you would need to develop a deep understanding on psychological and emotional issues connected to the concept of transportation and vehicles.While designing the right look for an automobile, you will also need to consider several other factors. Cost of production, manufacturing limitations, the target market, ease of use, comfort, safety and environmental issues are just some of the issues you as designer must deal with. Therefore, you would be able to interact with multiple disciplines.

For pursuing an automobile design career you need to be bright not brilliant. You should be passionate, creative and highly imaginative. You should be good at not only problem solving, but also at problem finding. Ability to translate user needs and preferences into a finished product and keeping abreast of current products, trends, and customers’ tastes is a necessity. Attributes such as attention to detail and drawing and sketching by hand are integral.

The job outlook for automobile designers is positive. There are very few qualified, talented people applying for a relatively large number of automobile design jobs. This makes competition for jobs almost negligible.

You would find work with automobile companies, design studios and offices. You would advance by earning greater creative control over their work, handlinghigh-profile projects and commanding higher salaries. You might move into managerial positions, supervising other designers and heading up design departments. With exceptional managerial skills you may become top company executives or open your own firm.

It takes artistic talent, knowledge of 3 dimensional form, creativity, the ability to work with others, a lot of hard work, and an education from DYPDC to be an automobile designer. If automobile design is a career of your choice then there is no other place than DYPDC that is ideal for you.

Be original and enjoy life. That’s the key success in the field of Automobile Design.

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